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Hi and stuff

I hope this group is active enough to keep me motivated! I've been playing for years and just joined on a whim. I used to play religiously at home (we have two cobalt flux pads and the Japanese and American versions of the last couple versions of the game on PS2), but only recently got back to the point where i'll drag out the mats and play, never mind for daily exercise. I can't even do the same Oni/Heavy versions of the song that I used to be able to ace! It's embarrassing, telling friends of mine that I can beat a song and then can barely get past 10 steps. Going back to the arcade is just the worst, since playing on the cobalts for so long has sort of spoiled me. They're more sensitive than the pads at the arcade that have been stomped on and abused, so I've stopped stepping as hard as I need to to set off the keys.

Gah, help me get back on track, folks. Please! *bows*
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