+and she was as beautiful as a dead woman+ (fab_apocalypse) wrote in ddr_exercise,
+and she was as beautiful as a dead woman+

obligatory introduction post

i just started getting into ddr as a means to get in shape.
ive been struggling with coe disorder for about 9 years now and in the past month something in me finally let me start letting go of it.
so with that, im trying to start exercising a lot. i never did before because it was such a bore. so i thought "hey ddr! i heard crazy stuff about that" and with having the attention span of a 5 year old bright flashy colors and noise= great stuff!
im geting used to it though its sorta embarrassing seeing myself reflected in the tv once in a while, im big and fat and uncoordinated like whoa.

anyways, cant wait to chat it up with some people and whatnot and goodluck with anyone else facing weight loss challenges.

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